The Windows Anniversary Update..

Last night, I manually installed the update on a six year old desktop PC and also my Toshiba Netbook. I have to report that while the update took a while to install, it did so successfully on both machines. There are reports that it craps some machines out, but mine can’t be included in those statistics. I didn’t install the update for new features, by the way. It was purely done to keep them both as current as they can be.

July 29, 2016..

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 for free already, you are fast running out of time. Holding onto Windows 7 is not a good thing to do, however used to it you are. It gets no more full support, no more improvements, and will start to lose support from 3rd party manufacturers and software. Here is an article on why you should upgrade. I suggest that you do it now..

It all happens..

.. on August 2nd or thereabouts. The first major update of Windows 10 is upon us, and if it changes my hardware drivers. I will not be happy. For the last few weeks, I have had display driver problems and sound as well. Yesterday, I re-installed sound and today I will re-install the AMD screen drivers. The PC locks up now and again, very annoying when I am in the middle of a short story writing session. Don’t get me wrong, I like Windows 10 but I wish that updates would leave some stuff alone..

Refresh Windows..

It’s a new ‘program’ coming in the July update.. I wonder how much use this will be to the average Windows user. Option #1… lose everything but files Option #2… lose everything Isn’t this what has been happening with the Windows 10 forced upgrades? And Microsoft wants the end user to deliberately pick one of these options? And in a bid to do what exactly? After Windows 98, the need to refresh the OS at regular intervals faded away, XP being able to keep itself on track and running. I told people this and, for many, it worked well. That … Continue reading Refresh Windows..

Welcome relief..

For users of Windows 7 and 8, relief is coming. You will not be pushed into running Windows 10, but the relief is not coming until July. Read more here.. Note too that it coincides with the end of a FREE upgrade to Windows 10.. 🙂    

Most used browsers..

According to reports, Google Chrome is way ahead, followed by Safari and IE/Edge. No real surprise there being as how ALL Android tablets and smartphones default to Chrome. Likewise, iPads ands iPhones default to Safari. It was no different in the old days before the proliferation of portable devices, where all Windows machines defaulted to IE. It means nothing other than showing the shift from desk-based computing to being on the move. Computers users have always settled for defaults because they didn’t/don’t know how to get anything else. Personally, I use Firefox on my Smartphone. It just works better than … Continue reading Most used browsers..

Two recurring problems that I have seen in forums..

The Windows 10 Start menu.. I must be honest. I don’t have a problem with it because I hardly ever use it. Start10 and Classic Shell give me the start menu that I like best while still giving me the option to use the default menu if I wish. I have yet to see either classic menu fail. Use one or the other, btw.. 🙂 Start10 Classic Shell PDF handling.. Windows 10 has it’s own cute way of dealing with and offering help regarding PDFs, but again the older ways win out best. I install and have installed Foxit Reader over … Continue reading Two recurring problems that I have seen in forums..

The backdoor..

There has been much talk about backdoors recently, notable the Apple vs FBI issue. Do you agree with Apple or the FBI? I am undecided. The ‘backdoors’ in Windows 10 are actually side doors and not completely out of view. We have all been made acutely aware of their existence and we have the option to turn them off of down aways. Microsoft is able to determine usage and formulate improvements from the data collected, and that is not a bad thing, what we always wanted. Does Microsoft read what we type in the various apps? Doubtful at best as there … Continue reading The backdoor..

Addiction to technology

An interesting article.. I am a Facebook user, but not on it that much. I don’t use it for business because I don’t like the ‘pay for clicks’ model. Other than the above, I use a computer to help others, and to read stuff, tech, news, whatever because I can increase the size of the text to make reading easier. How about you?

Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

The best part is that I don’t use Homegroups but, it’s nice to have everything working the way it is supposed to work. How I did it: The first step is quite drastic, and requires a complete fresh re-install on the machine where the Homegroup was originally created. This has to be done to eliminate as much as is possible of the old one. Next, go to Homegroups and you will see a message about the old one but there should also be an option to create a new Homegroup. This is what I did, getting a new password along … Continue reading Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough