The upgrade fails when..

.. it encounters foreign stuff and malware. This is no reference to different languages or anything like that. I am talking about old junk, programming, updates produced by companies who would rather not put any effort into general support, preferring instead to blame Microsoft. It happens a lot, you know.. 🙂 The process of upgrading an OS is major stuff, more than just transplanting version names. Third party anti-virus, hardware drivers specific to the older OS, older programs barely compatible with Windows 95, all take their toll. Decisions, decisions.. So, before starting the upgrade, there are one or two decisions … Continue reading The upgrade fails when..

Cleaning up (sweeping away) the old operating systems..

It is time, for me at least, to see off the old operating systems on my big PC and the Netbook. To this end, I am using ‘Disk Cleanup’, which can be found in All Apps > Windows administrative, to clear out unwanted stuff from the new Windows 10 installation. I am not getting any problems, and have no desire to go back in time. I would pension off the Netbook before using Windows 7 again. Windows 8.1 on the big PC I could live with ok, but why do that now 10 is out? The other two computers are … Continue reading Cleaning up (sweeping away) the old operating systems..

Upgrading to Windows 10..

So far, I have to admit that it has been a painless experience for me and others I know. The process doesn’t take too long, and what you get is what you saw on your screen before the update, but sitting on a better operating system. Admittedly there is a small learning curve, examples being the ‘Settings’ box:  click on the Logo and then select Settings and how to get to the old Control Panel: right click on the Logo and select Control Panel or any of the other entries in the list but for average home users, it will be business as … Continue reading Upgrading to Windows 10..

The Tosh Netbook.. Updated

I call it ‘Tosh’ because I have always seen it as cute but useless, but during my stay in musculo/skeletal rehab, Tosh performed brilliantly well, sitting on my bed table with still room for a breakfast tray and a pair of reading glasses. Of course, one of the reasons that it was a lot more than useless was because I had clean installed Windows 10 preview initially which had become the full Windows 10 RTM. Never really expecting it to work long term, I had run out of other computers on which to test the preview, and it was all that I … Continue reading The Tosh Netbook.. Updated