A general update..

I haven’t been very active here recently, or in the  Microsoft forums. I don’t feel any excitement anymore and have had enough of people whinging about Windows 10. To some degree, my lack of interest is as much down to health issues as anything, with me re-assessing priorities after having recovered from one cancer to then be told that I have another.  It never ends, just like the Windows 10 haters don’t seem to be able to give it up. Windows 10 breathed new life into my little Toshiba netbook, and for that  am eternally grateful. It received a new battery … Continue reading A general update..

It wasn’t always this way…

For those of us who use 3rd party start menus, upgrading to Windows 10 1607 can be a shock. The upgrade removes Classic Shell which would be fine if all users knew how to put it back. My clients do not know. They ask me to give them something they recognise, and I do it for them because they are not interested in technicalities. A question … What is it about Classic Shell that is so bad that it has to be removed? Removal just sets in panic and some users call bogus ‘help’ companies, turning a bad situation into something much worse…

Windows 10 isn’t entirely free? Zut alors..

This is terrible news. Look see.. Those mean ‘Softies’ want to promote games and stuff for which we will be charged MONEY. Wahhhhhh. They even want MOMEY for making Solitaire a better game. Is it not bad enough that I am being asked to pay $2.99 per month to remove the header ad from my Protopage home page. Whether t’is nobler to pay up and look happy or just hit the ‘x’ is NOT open to question at all. I hit the ‘x’. Monetize, monetize, monetize is all I have been seeing for a considerable while, for blogs, webpages, and crappy Android apps. Microsoft … Continue reading Windows 10 isn’t entirely free? Zut alors..

The backdoor..

There has been much talk about backdoors recently, notable the Apple vs FBI issue. Do you agree with Apple or the FBI? I am undecided. The ‘backdoors’ in Windows 10 are actually side doors and not completely out of view. We have all been made acutely aware of their existence and we have the option to turn them off of down aways. Microsoft is able to determine usage and formulate improvements from the data collected, and that is not a bad thing, what we always wanted. Does Microsoft read what we type in the various apps? Doubtful at best as there … Continue reading The backdoor..

Coffee house connections.. Updated

So, I am in my local coffee house and I kick up my smartphone with a view to getting into Facebook, but I get a message that Google ca will not allow it. What is it with this stuff? We are in an age where one should be able to connect with anybody anywhere. Isn’t that the point of it all? Facebook has an app for Android which should allow access anywhere, and I have installed it, but what if the function you want doesn’t have an app? Privacy can be taken too far. If somebody was to steal my ID, … Continue reading Coffee house connections.. Updated

Two little Windows 10 issues..

Issue #1 I was messing with my Toshiba NB250 a while ago, and then left it for a few minutes. When I came back to it, nothing happened, no screen, just a black stare. When I pressed the power button with intent to reboot it, guess what? It had been trying to cope with UPDATES which Microsoft are insisting that I must have, come hell or high water. I can’t install Windows 8 on it because the screen resolution is not in the range of Windows 8 capabilities, and Windows 7 is a dinosaur. The little Toshiba holds its own … Continue reading Two little Windows 10 issues..

Internet Explorer 11..

.. has become very slow to respond to anything over the last few days, and as slow as I can be, IE is worse. I now have Edge running again, and it is way faster at the moment, so all is well until the next round of updates. I used to like Update Tuesdays. At least you could brace yourself for the event. These days, updates sneak up on you.. 🙂

ISP download speeds..

I pay for and get 100mb downloads when using my desktop machine via Ethernet. My guess is that I should be pleased except for one problem. If I was using Wi-Fi only, I would be lucky to get 40mb as can be seen when I fire up any of the other machines on the network. They all run Windows 10 and it would be easy to lay the blame on the new OS, BUT the Toshiba Netbook when running its original Windows 7 Starter is just as bad. All three machines use different Wi-Fi cards, and appear to work well, … Continue reading ISP download speeds..

Twenty four hours later..

.. and no thanks due to the Logitech Forum whatsoever, I managed to work out the issues I had with pairing the unifying receiver and Setpoint. Initially and because I had the same mouse as in the kit, I paired my old mouse with the receiver. It worked like a charm but for one small issue. The mouse in the kit had already been paired, so my system was showing TWO M705 mice. The only way I could find to rectify it was the concept of pairing the original mouse with its original receiver. The process completed but did not … Continue reading Twenty four hours later..

A totally unbiased view?

I haven’t changed anything in the text, not punctuation, not spelling, not the format. This is EXACTLY as I first read it..   “windows 10 is dead..!!! the only one who doesn’t know yet is microsoft the people who already try windows 10 are walking away from that and those who are smart enough to go read some unbiased reviews they won’t even try to install windows 10..!! the price of windows 7 OEM had increased since windows 10 was released because nobody want to install an operating system for a mobile device to a computer desktop especially the gamers … Continue reading A totally unbiased view?