Office 2016..

I had the ISO but ‘ISO to USB’ (it’s a utility which used to work back in the good old Windows 8.1 days) couldn’t make a working USB installer. So I reverted to good old DVDs and now I have Office 2016. It installed straight into the spot that Office 2010 occupied, and I didn’t have to reset email or anything. My guess is that appearance is the major difference, the rest I can work out as I go along. I like the new, clean, square look, but the font used by default is a little light for my tastes. If … Continue reading Office 2016..

Windows 10 Mail..

OK. I have been playing with the Mail app again because Windows Live Mail 2012 is getting to be long in the tooth and Microsoft doesn’t seem to care whether it works or not. Mail (or WLM previously) isn’t my primary email client. I just use it for email IDs which are NOT Rogers accounts (my ISP) or my MVPS account, these being held in Outlook 2010. So now Windows Live Mail is gone from the two computers which I use, and I will work on the other two when I have more time. It isn’t the end of an era because … Continue reading Windows 10 Mail..