Most used browsers..

According to reports, Google Chrome is way ahead, followed by Safari and IE/Edge. No real surprise there being as how ALL Android tablets and smartphones default to Chrome. Likewise, iPads ands iPhones default to Safari. It was no different in the old days before the proliferation of portable devices, where all Windows machines defaulted to IE. It means nothing other than showing the shift from desk-based computing to being on the move. Computers users have always settled for defaults because they didn’t/don’t know how to get anything else. Personally, I use Firefox on my Smartphone. It just works better than … Continue reading Most used browsers..

Two recurring problems that I have seen in forums..

The Windows 10 Start menu.. I must be honest. I don’t have a problem with it because I hardly ever use it. Start10 and Classic Shell give me the start menu that I like best while still giving me the option to use the default menu if I wish. I have yet to see either classic menu fail. Use one or the other, btw.. 🙂 Start10 Classic Shell PDF handling.. Windows 10 has it’s own cute way of dealing with and offering help regarding PDFs, but again the older ways win out best. I install and have installed Foxit Reader over … Continue reading Two recurring problems that I have seen in forums..

Microsoft Edge..

Well, I am still using it for 99% of all website transactions, but alas it does not play ball with all sites. Apparently, Microsoft is making progress with it, extensions and whatever else being promised, but so far only available in previews. For other sites, I fall back to Firefox which despite quirks does manage to show relevant pop-ups etc. for Android use, it is also my preference, beating Google Chrome hands down in every sense. Why people use Google Chrome beats me. So, Microsoft, lets see these Edge improvements in the production Windows 10 installations, PLEASE?

Internet Explorer 11..

.. has become very slow to respond to anything over the last few days, and as slow as I can be, IE is worse. I now have Edge running again, and it is way faster at the moment, so all is well until the next round of updates. I used to like Update Tuesdays. At least you could brace yourself for the event. These days, updates sneak up on you.. 🙂

Microsoft Edge 0 – Internet Explorer 1.. Final score

Guess who is back using Internet Explorer 11? Yep.. me. I have had enough of Edge appearing in a variety of different sizes every time that I start this PC up or come out of sleep/hibernation. Firefox was given an outing BUT it only shows the name of the website in the current tab. All of the others appear blank. Very strange. So, the old stager wins again despite claims from many that it is crap. I have never thought it was, and until somebody can give me solid proof that it is and that the others are better, I … Continue reading Microsoft Edge 0 – Internet Explorer 1.. Final score

Internet Explorer 11 is going west..

.. eventually, and with improvements made to the Edge browser being included in the latest build, I have decided to give it another try. So far, it has not annoyed me, a quantum leap away from a time when it did, so I will continue to use for a while at least or until it annoys me.. 🙂 The main annoyance was a failure to display pages which were, to all intent and purpose, totally harmless. IE 11 rarely fails to display pages, but having it close unexpectedly and sometimes quite often is annoying. 🙂

Patch Tuesday for Windows and 10..

Is this the first official Patch Tuesday for Windows 10? You can read about what it does here. There is a reboot involved but it doesn’t have to be immediate. Personally. I prefer immediate, and not because I am never doing anything important. I like to get things done and out of the way.. 🙂