Email origination

We get email from all sorts, some people who we do not know very well or maybe not at all. It’s very easy to buy goods and services online or even just connect with somebody, but how do we know that they are who they say they are. We don’t, but there is a way of finding out to some degree. Email headers: What we generally see at the top of an email is the sender, recipient and subject if it is filled in. The location of the sender is not shown, but it is there if we care to … Continue reading Email origination

Windows 10.. still ok?

Privacy fears still prevail, mostly unfounded, and there are still computers which should NEVER be upgraded to Windows 10, but overall I think that it is a winner. When I first upgraded, I had issues which had to be sorted and I did at one point consider reverting back to Windows 8.1. Three years into it, and it was a very good stable platform which, as long as one avoided the tiles, worked very well. Windows 10 has sorted out a lot faster, even some of the tiles, and I like it. You would too as long as it is … Continue reading Windows 10.. still ok?

Addiction to technology

An interesting article.. I am a Facebook user, but not on it that much. I don’t use it for business because I don’t like the ‘pay for clicks’ model. Other than the above, I use a computer to help others, and to read stuff, tech, news, whatever because I can increase the size of the text to make reading easier. How about you?

MS Office updates..

.. take hours running into days on my trusty little Toshiba Netbook. It has just finished security updates, and all is well. I am thankful that the Netbook was given to me. If I had to pay for it, Toshiba would not be getting a Christmas card from me EVER again. Apart from the above, everything else works, even the Homegroup still. Windows 10 has been the saviour of the machine, and hopefully the hardware will last a bit longer. Nuts. It just blue-screened as I was typing this. Looks like I have a bit more unpaid work to do on … Continue reading MS Office updates..

Windows 7 games on Windows 8 or 10..

If you want to do this, do it soon because the link on the site could be pulled under orders from lawyers.. Here it is.. The Games.. Click on the text just above the ‘Donate’ section, not any of the coloured boxes.. The file downloads to the Windows download folder or should. Then you have to right click the file and select ‘Run as Administrator’. The rest is easy.. Good luck and have fun.. 🙂

OEM support in general..

Windows: Under OEM terms, the computer manufacturer is responsible for supporting the operating system with which the computer is supplied. The OEM gets Windows for a cheap price, as do you, the end user. The actual price paid is that the OEM manufacturer will pass the buck, tell you it is all Microsoft’s fault and to contact them directly, and Microsoft will ask for money. So, you get stuff like this in forums.. I have just spent an hour on the Microsoft chat line but they were no help at all and only wanted to sell me a 99$ support … Continue reading OEM support in general..

Windows 10 isn’t a phone OS..

What part of the image looks anything like what you might see if you fired up a cellphone? The Start menu perhaps, QuickLaunch, MS Word 2010, the notification area? Why do some persist in calling Windows 10 a phone OS? If anything, my Windows 10 looks a lot more like Vista or Windows 7, and that’s a good thing, right? No, the Start Menu is NOT the default. It is Start10, but could as easily be Classic Shell. Microsoft Office 2010 predated Windows 8, and actually appeared during the Windows 7 watch. So, between the Start menu and my main application … Continue reading Windows 10 isn’t a phone OS..

The first job of 2016..

.. has been on my own production machine. Having blown out any dust bunnies, I relocated an internal fan to get better cooling across the hard drives, added a third hard drive, and then closed it back up. That’s it.. not very exciting really. Everything else is fine for the most part. OK, as you were.. 🙂 The second job that I will endeavour to line up is an aging and possibly defunct HP laptop. I don’t knowe quite how bad it is yet, but hope to find out in the next few days.

A complete Windows 10 re-install.. (Updated)

.. and all because of some really stubborn malware picked up yesterday. I am pretty good at removing it 99.99% of the time, but this one stumped me. So, looking to do a clean install for a while, I bit the bullet and backed up the most important data that I would need to re-construct the system, and here I am again.. 🙂 The install went well and passed by fairly quickly, but I have been left with one or two operational issues that I didn’t really have before. Issue #1.. IE11 and Outlook now behave like Edge was doing, that … Continue reading A complete Windows 10 re-install.. (Updated)

A 1511 problem..

.. and this is it. Can you see the deliberate mistake? A clue: I am online and don’t have a Wi-Fi adapter in the computer. Question(s): When is Microsoft going to fix it and should I buy a Mac in the meantime? It’s as well that my world has many shades of grey. It has saved me shelling out on a Mac many times over.. 🙂