It worked before the Upgrade.. #1

Sleep/Hibernation A computer will only sleep or hibernate if it is allowed to do so, and the biggest single cause of not being allowed is this. For reasons only known to Windows and Microsoft, the default setting for ‘Wake on LAN’ and ‘Power Management’ is ON. So, as soon as the computer detects the passage of data through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, Windows springs into life. It’s like the scenario where a smartphone rings and everybody within earshot grabs their own phone.. 🙂 How to fix it.. OK, ready? Control Panel > Network and Sharing > Change Adapter Settings. Now right click on the … Continue reading It worked before the Upgrade.. #1

A new theme for ‘my’ Windows..

Do you like it? I do. It is nice and simple and it has a function which enables easier reading for those of us with bad eyes.. See the Aa on the right side at the top? Try toggling it.. You can toggle the <> too.. Cool, eh.. 🙂 I wish that it showed just the first parts of each post, not the entire entry, but we can’t have it all This theme should load quite quickly, and I am not running an fancy plugins which would give me features that either you or me never used. It all helps. I … Continue reading A new theme for ‘my’ Windows..

Here we go again..

Everything I have written about Windows 10 and to some degree Windows 8.1 has been lost in the one hundred posts no longer showing in archives since July 2014. For now, I will assume that they are lost forever. 🙂