Windows 7 games on Windows 8 or 10..

If you want to do this, do it soon because the link on the site could be pulled under orders from lawyers.. Here it is.. The Games.. Click on the text just above the ‘Donate’ section, not any of the coloured boxes.. The file downloads to the Windows download folder or should. Then you have to right click the file and select ‘Run as Administrator’. The rest is easy.. Good luck and have fun.. 🙂

And now for something completely different..

Not the best photos ever, but what you see is my smartphone. It is a 2012 Samsung Galaxy Ace II, the lowest form of Samsung smartphone life available in Canada at the time, running Android 4.04. I have inherited it and am learning something about Android. It is dressed in a cheap shockproof housing, has a new Samsung battery, it will get a screen protector soon (eBay permitting) and it is unlocked from its former Koodo shackles. It has cost me around $60 all told to ‘make it mine’, over half going towards unlocking. What about Android? The version on … Continue reading And now for something completely different..