The backdoor..

There has been much talk about backdoors recently, notable the Apple vs FBI issue. Do you agree with Apple or the FBI? I am undecided. The ‘backdoors’ in Windows 10 are actually side doors and not completely out of view. We have all been made acutely aware of their existence and we have the option to turn them off of down aways. Microsoft is able to determine usage and formulate improvements from the data collected, and that is not a bad thing, what we always wanted. Does Microsoft read what we type in the various apps? Doubtful at best as there … Continue reading The backdoor..

What is his/her password?

Maybe you should ask him/her. A widow wants Apple to disclose her dead husbands ‘silly little password’. Obviously, asking the husband is out of the question. So what next? All she wants to do, allegedly, is download a new game onto the iPad, but we only have her word for that. Her husband left no clue as to what the password is, but maybe that was intentional on his part, and maybe he just had other things on his mind and never gave it a second thought. We will never know for sure Whatever the reason, I would take great exception … Continue reading What is his/her password?

My website came this close to being dumped.. Updated

.. but it has had a short reprieve. The problem was basically  ‘I can get to it but can’t update it’ , and it came out of the blue. I tried a different FTP client, but that didn’t work. The end was looking to be very close. After it was suggested that maybe the firewall was to blame, I took a peek at the ‘allowed’ list, and FileZilla wasn’t a part of it. Strangley, SmartFTP, the alternative I tried, was. Anyway, I added FileZilla to the list, and Hey Presto, I updated the website. Unfortunately, my website is worth very little and certainly … Continue reading My website came this close to being dumped.. Updated

Windows 10.. the flickering screen..

OK, this is one cause for flickering screens after a Windows 10 upgrade. It may be the only one, I don’t know.. The cause? Norton.. 🙂 See here.. No, I don’t like Norton or Symantec Anything, but I don’t like any of the other big anti-virus suites either. I have tried them all, and just as I think I have found a good one, the software author trashes it. Anti-virus programs weren’t always this way. There was a time when nobody really knew if they did anything at all. All we could do was believe what we were told. One … Continue reading Windows 10.. the flickering screen..

Security issues.. updated

The sky has been falling over Windows 10 security just recently, and even the kind guys in the open source world  have stepped in to fix it.. how nice.. 🙂 Of course, some have a vested interest in knocking Microsoft Windows, either to support their own platforms or just because they can. Wi-Fi Sense has caused probably the biggest stir, with the myth that one’s Wi-Fi password will become world knowledge within seconds, but there is a little more to it than that. You can read more about it on ZDNet Basically, setting up Windows 10 using EXPRESS settings, opts … Continue reading Security issues.. updated