Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

The best part is that I don’t use Homegroups but, it’s nice to have everything working the way it is supposed to work. How I did it: The first step is quite drastic, and requires a complete fresh re-install on the machine where the Homegroup was originally created. This has to be done to eliminate as much as is possible of the old one. Next, go to Homegroups and you will see a message about the old one but there should also be an option to create a new Homegroup. This is what I did, getting a new password along … Continue reading Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

Windows 10 annoyances.. (Updated)

The Mail app.. There appears to be no way to remove an account, and no way to bulk delete email that is no longer relevant. If there is a way to do either, I apologise for not looking more into it. If there is no way to do either, please place developers who know something about the older email clients in charge, because the current bunch appear to be partly clueless.. The Lock Screen.. I like the lock screen but for a couple of issues. Issue #1.. On my desktop, time shows as 24hr, but on the smaller screened Netbook, … Continue reading Windows 10 annoyances.. (Updated)

It worked before the Upgrade.. #1

Sleep/Hibernation A computer will only sleep or hibernate if it is allowed to do so, and the biggest single cause of not being allowed is this. For reasons only known to Windows and Microsoft, the default setting for ‘Wake on LAN’ and ‘Power Management’ is ON. So, as soon as the computer detects the passage of data through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, Windows springs into life. It’s like the scenario where a smartphone rings and everybody within earshot grabs their own phone.. 🙂 How to fix it.. OK, ready? Control Panel > Network and Sharing > Change Adapter Settings. Now right click on the … Continue reading It worked before the Upgrade.. #1