The ‘Windows Anniversary Update’

Sorry, all of you classic PC users (me included) but there will not be too much for you this time around. See here.. The days when Microsoft Windows just lived in relatively ugly cream coloured boxes have long gone. Now, features have to be made suitable for the way more mobile smartphones and tablets as well. There is an update called ‘Redstone 2’ pegged for release sometime in 2017 which holds promise of better times for all, but that is still some way off.. 🙂

A complete Windows 10 re-install.. (Updated)

.. and all because of some really stubborn malware picked up yesterday. I am pretty good at removing it 99.99% of the time, but this one stumped me. So, looking to do a clean install for a while, I bit the bullet and backed up the most important data that I would need to re-construct the system, and here I am again.. 🙂 The install went well and passed by fairly quickly, but I have been left with one or two operational issues that I didn’t really have before. Issue #1.. IE11 and Outlook now behave like Edge was doing, that … Continue reading A complete Windows 10 re-install.. (Updated)

Windows hardware drivers..

Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you, ****? In the 1511 update, the one that Microsoft pulled recently, the dialogue box is slightly different if you want to stop hardware drivers being installed via Windows Update.. Note that I have opted for the route that is NOT recommended, and have had to do this since the update because the update defaults this setting to the one recommended by Microsoft. C’mon you guys. You must know by now that hardware updates have never been one of Windows Update’s strengths. Quit it before you lose out BIG time.. 🙂

The downloadable 1511 update (10586) has been PULLED..

There is not enough thought these days before rushing in like accidents looking for somewhere to happen. From now, you will no longer be able to download the Windows Media Creation Tool which includes the ‘version 1511’ 10586 update. What you will get is the 10240 RTM release, the original Windows 10 that was released to the public. You also lose the chance to activate using a valid Windows 7 or 8 key code. Ed Bott talks about it here.. Included in the text are explanations from Microsoft as to why the version 1511 10586 was pulled. My comment has been made … Continue reading The downloadable 1511 update (10586) has been PULLED..

Updating the HP Elite M9500Y..

.. could have turned into a real battle, and it looked like it was going to do that yesterday. Today, I ran the updates, three of which installed after what seemed like an eternity. It asked to reboot, and eventually presented me with the 1511 update. I didn’t time it but it is now done and everything appears to be ok, with just a little fine tuning to make. I suspect it does not like installing if there are too many other updates which need to be installed. The 1511 update has finally made it to South Western Ontario and … Continue reading Updating the HP Elite M9500Y..

Patch Tuesday for Windows and 10..

Is this the first official Patch Tuesday for Windows 10? You can read about what it does here. There is a reboot involved but it doesn’t have to be immediate. Personally. I prefer immediate, and not because I am never doing anything important. I like to get things done and out of the way.. 🙂