ISP download speeds.. Part 2

So, the Rogers man told me today that I am never going to get good Wi-Fi speeds with 2.4Ghz, that the figures quoted, and they are careful to state ‘upto’, are for Ethernet mainly. What’s more, my router is 5Ghz capable and I should replace all of my old stuff with 5Ghz equipment. I knew that already, but fluctuations to as low as 4mb download aren’t really acceptable. I wonder if Bell still try to sell fast internet packages to users at the very limit of the three and a half mile range of telephone lines. Can you trust anybody?

ISP download speeds..

I pay for and get 100mb downloads when using my desktop machine via Ethernet. My guess is that I should be pleased except for one problem. If I was using Wi-Fi only, I would be lucky to get 40mb as can be seen when I fire up any of the other machines on the network. They all run Windows 10 and it would be easy to lay the blame on the new OS, BUT the Toshiba Netbook when running its original Windows 7 Starter is just as bad. All three machines use different Wi-Fi cards, and appear to work well, … Continue reading ISP download speeds..

Wi-Fi in general.. Desktop v Portable/Mobile

Domestic Wi-Fi can connect at slightly over 90 feet, assuming that both ends of the connection can clearly see each other, and that there are no other 2.4Ghz devices around which could cause interference, like wireless keyboards and mice and cheap radio control cars and helicopters. In this way, you could sit on a patio at the back of your yard and keep in touch on your notebook or tablet without too many problems Trouble is that desktop computers don’t have an antenna type good enough to do that because the likelihood of them ever being more than 6 feet away from the wireless … Continue reading Wi-Fi in general.. Desktop v Portable/Mobile