MS Office updates..

.. take hours running into days on my trusty little Toshiba Netbook. It has just finished security updates, and all is well. I am thankful that the Netbook was given to me. If I had to pay for it, Toshiba would not be getting a Christmas card from me EVER again. Apart from the above, everything else works, even the Homegroup still. Windows 10 has been the saviour of the machine, and hopefully the hardware will last a bit longer. Nuts. It just blue-screened as I was typing this. Looks like I have a bit more unpaid work to do on … Continue reading MS Office updates..

Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

The best part is that I don’t use Homegroups but, it’s nice to have everything working the way it is supposed to work. How I did it: The first step is quite drastic, and requires a complete fresh re-install on the machine where the Homegroup was originally created. This has to be done to eliminate as much as is possible of the old one. Next, go to Homegroups and you will see a message about the old one but there should also be an option to create a new Homegroup. This is what I did, getting a new password along … Continue reading Homegroups.. finally a breakthrough

Windows 7 games on Windows 8 or 10..

If you want to do this, do it soon because the link on the site could be pulled under orders from lawyers.. Here it is.. The Games.. Click on the text just above the ‘Donate’ section, not any of the coloured boxes.. The file downloads to the Windows download folder or should. Then you have to right click the file and select ‘Run as Administrator’. The rest is easy.. Good luck and have fun.. 🙂

Windows 10 and Wi-Fi.. Updated

What I know so far: Broadcom sucks, as in the adapters fitted to some laptops, the Lenovo G780 for instance,  and Realtek doesn’t suck because all but one of my wireless computers are Realtek and they all work well. I tried a different internal wireless adapter in the G780 but it wasn’t different enough and is still using Broadcom drivers, and still cutting out after maybe 20 mins use. For now, I have a USB adapter in the side of the laptop, Realtek driven, and it is working flawlessly. So, I have now ordered an internal Realtek wireless adapter for Lenovos and … Continue reading Windows 10 and Wi-Fi.. Updated

Office 2016..

I had the ISO but ‘ISO to USB’ (it’s a utility which used to work back in the good old Windows 8.1 days) couldn’t make a working USB installer. So I reverted to good old DVDs and now I have Office 2016. It installed straight into the spot that Office 2010 occupied, and I didn’t have to reset email or anything. My guess is that appearance is the major difference, the rest I can work out as I go along. I like the new, clean, square look, but the font used by default is a little light for my tastes. If … Continue reading Office 2016..

Upgrade? Oh yes, you must upgrade..

Sooner or later, you will have to move to Windows 10 or fall into the chasms known as MacOS and Linux. These two operating systems are every bit as limiting as Windows 10, PLUS some. I am not suggesting that you can’t do a lot on either, but try them out for a while and see for yourself. The push to upgrade: Despite fixes like these, Microsoft has already shown that changes and program removals can be made from afar. So, the ‘fixes’ will be fixed by Microsoft in time, and even more users will be threatening to scurry to … Continue reading Upgrade? Oh yes, you must upgrade..

Two little Windows 10 issues..

Issue #1 I was messing with my Toshiba NB250 a while ago, and then left it for a few minutes. When I came back to it, nothing happened, no screen, just a black stare. When I pressed the power button with intent to reboot it, guess what? It had been trying to cope with UPDATES which Microsoft are insisting that I must have, come hell or high water. I can’t install Windows 8 on it because the screen resolution is not in the range of Windows 8 capabilities, and Windows 7 is a dinosaur. The little Toshiba holds its own … Continue reading Two little Windows 10 issues..

How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade..

This is how you do it. The manual method is easy enough but if you get something wrong in Registry, it can be terminal. Lucky for you, there is a download link to two REG files. Download and run both to stop the constant requests. The benefits: If you have a Windows 7 machine, especially an early one, you may well be saving yourself a lot of grief. My thinking is that you shouldn’t try to upgrade a pre-2011 computer because decent hardware support before that date may not be good enough. The last thing that you want is a computer … Continue reading How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade..

Internet Explorer 11..

.. has become very slow to respond to anything over the last few days, and as slow as I can be, IE is worse. I now have Edge running again, and it is way faster at the moment, so all is well until the next round of updates. I used to like Update Tuesdays. At least you could brace yourself for the event. These days, updates sneak up on you.. 🙂

Windows 10 isn’t a phone OS..

What part of the image looks anything like what you might see if you fired up a cellphone? The Start menu perhaps, QuickLaunch, MS Word 2010, the notification area? Why do some persist in calling Windows 10 a phone OS? If anything, my Windows 10 looks a lot more like Vista or Windows 7, and that’s a good thing, right? No, the Start Menu is NOT the default. It is Start10, but could as easily be Classic Shell. Microsoft Office 2010 predated Windows 8, and actually appeared during the Windows 7 watch. So, between the Start menu and my main application … Continue reading Windows 10 isn’t a phone OS..