We have just upgraded a client to TMWF9 (Another one in a long list of clients to upgrade). In the products previous configuration, attachment blocking was turned on.
Exceptions were set to allow most Microsoft Office documents in. This included Word Doc and Docx format.

After the upgrade, the attachment policy is still the same. The Doc and Docx files are allowed through however, they are not getting through.

They are being replaced with the text file saying that the attachment was removed due to policy.

We have tried turning the Attachment blocking on / off and turning the exception for Word on and off.


We have a case open with Trend. The only work around presently is to disable attachment blocking.

NOTE: Be aware. If Attachment blocking is on, Scanmail stomps around in your email store removing all attachments that match. Even if the attachments were placed into your mailbox years ago. It is not just an attachment blocker but also a remover of existing attachments. Don’t play with attachment blocking until you understand this.