I am tired of pulling out CF memory cards, loading them up in a reader and dumping down files to my PC.
I have a WFT wireless adaptor for it but it is clumsy and uses FTP to upload files to an FTP server.

It’s just not simple and something that words without prep time.

So, for under $40 (Aus), I bought a Toshiba FlashAir 32 Gb b/g/n SD card and an Extreme CF adaptor (SD to CF).
I setup the FlashAir as an Access point and it works really well in the CF adaptor in my older Canon EOS 5D.
It draws it’s power from the camera and the transmittion speed on N band is great.

I suddenly have a very compact wireless solution for my Canon EOS.

Now comes my next issue.

There are tools on Android and iOS to access the files and do bulk downloads. The only way to do it in Windows is in a web browser, one file at a time.

I was then pleasantly surprised to find that this is because Toshiba have opened up the windows space for developers and published the API’s.
Checking out the tools at https://www.flashair-developers.com/en/about/showcase/

I found an awesome tool called snowy.


So far I am very happy with this wifi card, especially on Wifi N band.
I have turned my Canon EOS 5D into an Access Point and it has wifi passthrough so my normal Wifi can stay on (I turn if off when using Snowy).

I can share my files with other peoples devices easily and I can do a bulk download.

Awesome !