I am off on an adventure into a smart home. A light bulb here, camera there, Amazon devices and smart switches. A few Zigbee devices and more. Suddenly, I can’t get my laptop onto the internet. My latest purchases (Some bulbs) can’t connect to the network. I ended up with all my lights on, and I could not turn them off. What is happening ?

I used my cheap, included by my internet provider, router.

I used a HUAWEI Home Gateway HG659. I could have used my SonicWall or Edimax but I decided to go with the HUAWEI. Bad idea.

Whilst I could not find it in the manual, I had hit the wifi device limit.

All my wifi devices (And all the devices I have seen so far) are 2.4 Ghz. It turns out that this HUAWEI router, has a limit of 32 devices on 2.4 Ghz. It also has a limit of 32 on 5 Ghz (64 devices across both bands in total).

So I can only connect 32 devices?

Sounds like a lot ?

Add my mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Amazon firestick, Amazon show, Amazon Dot, Amazon Echo, some light bulbs, some light switches, then some family devices, then the Wii, Switch, PS3 and more and suddenly, 32 is not enough. Even moving some to 5 Ghz, it is not enough.

I was finding that some devices would connect, some would not. Then some got unpredictable.

If you are having issues with your smart home using a HUAWEI Home Gateway HG659, move to a better router. It is the only answer other than going with a Zigbee setup.

Let me know in the comments what router you use .. how many devices do you have connected ?