I have a Reolink Argus Pro to setup. It sets up and works flawlessly in the iPhone App. It detects and does everything it is meant to. When I try to connect it as a Smart Home device, it says “No Devices support for the smart home function”.

Reolink have a great list of things to try, but nothing worked for me.


I see in the forums, others having the same issue. If you can’t connect it in the Reolink App as a smart device, it does not add to your account as a smart device. Then Google/Alexa devices can’t add it and can’t see it.

I reached out to Reolink whom replied almost instantly. They need the account name and the UUID from the device and can push custom firmware to the unit the next time it tries to update. They will be making this available to me in the next day or so. This means, if you have this issue, go to support. You can’t fix it under your own power. You need Reolink.

I will post back when I have a solution (I hope!)