This journey I am on is getting really interesting. I am trying consumer and Business Wifi AP’s and trying to get stability in my Smart Home devices.

Time to try the Edimax.

The interface is the least detailed compared to the others I have used to date.

I again removed my SSID from the current Wifi and added it to the Edimax.

I let all the Smart Home devices come across.

I am using a Double NAT via my home Internet router. This Wifi shows it. Things are working but responses lag.

It seems I can get to about 15 devices before they start to mis behave. Not as good as the HUAWEI  but better than the Sonicwall products.

So so far

  • HUAWEI Home Gateway HG659 – 14 devices and reliable at this number
  • Sonicwall tz100 Wireless – Falls apart after 12. Unreliable.
  • Sonicpoint NI standalone AP – Alexa Echos fail to function correctly
  • BR-6478AC V2 – EDIMAX – Not as fast or as many devices as the HUAWEI

My future test wish list

  • A Ruckus unit
  • Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro
  • Netgear Nighwawk