After my failure to get all devices working on the Sonicwall TZ100, I thought to move to a more impressive unit by Sonicwall called a Sonicpoint. Boasting support for 128 devices per wireless band.

This looks the ticket. I can configure this with my Sonicwall or as an unmanaged Standalone AP.

I did the same trick as previously. I turned off the SSID on the SonicWALL and moved it all across to the Sonicpoint.

Initially it all looked great. Then I noticed music playback via Alexa Echos was breaking up. It sounded awful. I then tried multiroom music. Nope. It was horrible. Then after Alexa said a few hundred times “Some thing went wrong” I decided to back off the number of connected devices.

Even with all my lights and smartswitches off, only the Exchos on it, it was awful. It also appears I could not get all my devices on at once. 14 devices is far less than 128. Hmmm

I tried turning Sonicpoint secirty features on and off. I left the units wattage/power at maximum.

I tried changing channels. No. It was not going to work.

So so far

  • HUAWEI Home Gateway HG659 – 14 devices and reliable at this number
  • Sonicwall tz100 Wireless – Falls apart after 12. Unreliable.
  • Sonicpoint NI standalone AP – Alexa Echos fail to function correctly