In my quest to get the perfect wifi unit running with my smart home, I have turned to the Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro, in standalone mode, non meshed.

I must say I am impressed. It still tops out at about 20 devices, but, I think with mesh this could do the job.

It has a wide range of diagnostic tools and things you can tweak. The Mimo technology makes a huge difference.

As this device is a test device, it comes from another network. That means I needed to factory reset it.

The wifi unit needs to be controlled with an ethernet device called a cloud key (It runs a local instance of the UniFi Controller software) or install the Controller software to a computer.

My biggest issue, I could not adopt the unit. Adopt simply means “Claim” the unit for my network.  As the unit has been used on another network, it was not configured for my network and it was joined to someone else’s controller software.

I held the reset button for 10 seconds etc and the software could see the key. It gave it an IP and listed it’s mac address. All looked great but it would not adopt it and failed to provision. After many factory resets later and restarting the controller software many times, it worked. It provisioned. I gave it a static IP address, an SSID and password and let my devices connect.

That could have gone better. Half the devices would not connect. I have been cheating with my wifi router testing. I simply attach my test router to my Internet router and give it the same security, SSID and key as the previous test router and let the devices attach. As I have already used all the apps on my mobile to setup all my devices to a specific SSID then this method has been working up until now. I have been using the DHCP server in my internet router and allowing the Wireless unit to just be a wireless unit.

As the Unifi unit has extra smarts and controls, trying to share bandwidth amongst devices and all devices to connect with various speeds and signal strengths, it has been dropping some of my devices. They would not connect. I could find the Mac address of the disconnected device in the Unifi web interface and click reconnect and they then seem to be ok. I spotted in the Unifi log some devices had trouble getting an IP address.

I rebooted the Internet router and now .. it all seems ok ?

I think that this has so far been the most stable test router I have had.

Currently connected are

  • 2 x Amazon Echo Dots 3rd gen
  • 1 x Amazon Echo 4th gen
  • 1 x Amazon Show 8
  • 1 x Zigbee Phillips Hue (connected to the Amazon Echo 4th gen Zigbee hub)
  • 1 x power switch
  • 1 x light strip
  • 1 x door sensor
  • 7 x Wifi globes (various brands)
  • 1 x Amazon Firestick
  • 1 x iPhone
  • 1 x Laptop

The iPhone and Laptop are normally on my other wireless (The test one is just for IOT devices).

They are on the same network at the moment to configure the Unifi on the same network.

So, time to test. I still find I can only connect about 17 – 18 devices but now think I need to mesh with a second unit.