We have a brand new server on our bench and are using the Gen 8 HP intelligent Provisioning 1.16 and installing Windows server. It copies all the data from the DVD to the new RAID we have created and reboots and then Windows fails to further install, due to a driver error. We figured it was the RAID card we added and slipstreamed the drivers into the OS install and tried again. It failed. We updated all firmware and drivers, still failed.

The failure happens about 45 minutes into the install so each new attempt takes ages to get to the point of failure.

After 5 or 6 hours of messing about, we called on HP. After their attempts to remote in via iLo and their own firmware checks (and under the hood checks) it was still nto installing Windows.

They spent days on it. Finally, we descided to call time on this adventure. We wasted too much time. We insisted it must be the mainboard.

The HP tech turned up and he started his own tests. He also found that it was a driver fault and after digging, worked out that the broadbom network driver was halting everything.

After another 5 or so hours, he finally replaced the motherboard. now it is all fixesd.

His conclusion is that the older firmware on the mainboard (intelligent Provisioning version 1.15) was more accepting of the Broadcom card and allowed everything to work.

So, if anyone strikes this same issue here are my conclusions

1) Call HP carepack team sooner rather than later. They are paid to fix these things and have the resources.

2) Newer firmware does not mean better

3) Get HP to do as much of the work as possible whilst it is under Carepack as this cost us dearly.


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