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Should I tell someone about eCrime ??? YES !!!!

I know that I am in Australia and my experience might not reflect other countries, but I say yes. If you have had an eCrime committed against you (not your general virus or malware) then REPORT IT!!!

The more you report, the more the problem is taken notice of, the more investigation happens.

My post today to Facebook

A win for the good guys.

We had a business client scammed out of a large amount of money through an email.
We pursued it. We recommended and assisted in filling in the eCrime report.
We pushed it along. The police told the client, nothing will come of this. The client also felt that they were banging their head against a wall.
Well, today they receive notification that the money is about to be transferred back.
We helped chase the criminal through the Czech republic and into Spain.
Now, the person is cornered and my client has been offered a chance to be there in court and be a part of the process.

Reporting eCrime is the smart choice ! Things can happen !!!

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AiPol is reputable, for the others: Watch out Australian Businesses!

My business is happy to sponsor well-meaning community efforts. We were legitimately listed in the AiPol (Australasian Policing) magazine last year.
We can’t throw money away and only advertise when we can.

 Imagine our surprise when we had an Ad in the “Crime Alert” publication, but never placed it.

 The Ad is a form of sponsorship and we never signed up for it. We never had a hand in designing the Ad and never got to see it before it was “Published”.
We had our Credit card debited and have since successfully had the money refunded.

We new we had been scammed somehow and moved on.

Then we started getting more phone calls about more magazines we apparently sponsored and now owed the money for.

The list so far includes

  • Crime Alert
  • Volunteer Rescue Forum
  • Sun smart Kids
  • Neighbourhood Support Guide
  • Street Watch


All of these are around the $440 Ex Gst price (AUS) and all the Ad’s appear to be lifted from company websites.
The content of the publications also appears to be lifted from Websites.
The email contact addresses are or and bounce back.
They all have answering services on 1800 or 1300 numbers. Their addresses all seem to be in QLD.
When you have them on the phone, all deny knowing about the other publications.

All have the same stamp “Proof of Publication” in the rear of the publication.
All have laser printed ads in them that texturally feel different to the rest of the magazine.

None of them have a presence online and the phone numbers do not appear to be in Google.

This scam is known as a Charitable publication scam or Directories and advertising (false billing) scam

Charitable publication scams happen when a telesales agent calls a business selling advertising space in a bogus publication for a seemingly good cause.
The caller will give the impression that the publisher is partnered with local charities, emergency services, crime prevention or community health initiatives.
Sometimes the caller will say that a business has placed an order previously, or even that someone else in the business has agreed to take out the advertising space.
They will either ask for payment details upfront for a 10% discount or already have your credit card details.

All offer to send out a proof of publication with the Invoice. This does arrive but looks suspect.
In general the fraudsters may also send the business invoices whether or not the victim has agreed to take out the advertising space. They may follow up the invoices with threats of legal action.

So if you get a call like this from a publication you have no connection with, write down their number, name and the publication name and contact the ACCC and Scamwatch.