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Trend Micro Worry Free 9 (TMWF9)

When upgrading from TMWF8 to TMWF9, the upgrade crashed. This error came up.

Messaging Security Agent installation failed. Fail to Setup SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Service Pack 2 instance SCANMAIL. Refer to the setup log (%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server@\setup Bootstrap\Log) for details.

Setup.exe has stopped working.


We found to continue the install we need to uninstall the old SQL instance for the TMWF8 and then it installed fine.

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Mac Malware does not exist ! (not)

Mac computers have built up a reputation for being secure and inherently protected from Malware.
“Mac’s can’t get viruses”
“Mac’s are secure”
“Mac’s can’t get hacked!”

I am here to tell you RUBBISH.

The more popular a platform is, the more interest it holds for hackers.

The Mac platform is getting more popular and now, Malware for the Mac is starting to appear.

Check out this link !

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