Saturday night (just past) was a nice evening. Nothing to complain about, all going well. Waking early Sunday morning I noticed my iPhone was not connected to the Exchange store at my office (ActiveSync).

I remoted into my workstation at work and noticed that Outlook was empty and trying to attach to the information store. I logged onto the server and found the Exchange Information Store, System Attendant and Pop3 connectors had stopped. I also noticed the pop up telling me that Microsoft had updated the server and had to complete a restart. This was likely after automatic critical updates Sunday 3 am (Wsus).

I started the services and went into Outlook. As we monitor all our clients servers on port 25 and by other means, the deluge of emails and alerts I had be unaware of, was starting.

Almost all of our SBS 2008 servers running Exchange 2007 had stopped receiving email. One in particular had also dropped RWW and VPN access.

With most of them, restarting the stopped services fixed things. With a few others I had to kick over the Exchange Topology service.

We also had 2 SBS 2011 (Exchange 2010) with the Pop3 connectors stopped.

After a massive session of Remote desktop, VPN and RWW, we managed to get all the servers email working again.

Now we need to look at the updates and identify what caused this. If the servers had gone through a second restart, they would have been fine.

EDIT: Reports coming in now include EBS server as one of the servers affected by this.

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