When opening the Console, Security Settings, Click the  Exchange server in the list and click “Security Settings” … nothing happens. No popups, no errors, no nothing.

I can’t get into the Antivirus or antispam settings and the agent appears to be offline?

As this console normally opens up http://ExchangeServer:16372/smex/cgiDispatcher.exe?Page=scan/Antispam.htm&Locale=&CurPage=

My first step was to telnet to the Exchange server on port 16372 and, it did not answer.

As Smex runs from within a web server (in my case IIS), I looked at the default website and it  was not running on port 16372.  The port that it was running on did not match the firewall rule.

This means the smex service could not bind to a port when the service starts and as this port did not match the console, I had no hopes of connecting to it.

I change the port in IIS and the firewall rule. Restarted the website and … all fixed !



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