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Upgrade to Trend Micro Worry Free 9 causes 10 minute stall when plugging in USB storage

On one of our installations, since installing TMWF9, whenever a USB drive (Hard disk or Flash media) is installed to the Master server, explorer stops responding for 10 minutes.

Remote access for file shares on servers still works. Sharepoint, Exchange and other services are unaffected. It is just the Explorer Windows on the local server console (Which is used for the Browse feature or File explorer /My Computer).

If you open the Disk Management before inserting the drive, you note that a volume comes up, then it all stalls and the disk is not allocated a drive letter for 10 minutes.

From a command prompt, if you try and move to that disk, it stalls. If you try a non existant disk, it comes back “drive not found”. In this way I know I can navigate using CMD and switch between drive letters to valid letters, just not this new volume.  It seems the drive has started allocating resouces but it is not yet available for use.

If during this time you try and stop the Trend Agent – real-time scan service, it hangs whilst stopping until the 10 minutes is up.

If we halt that service first, USB drives go in and out as normal. If we do not halt it or it restarts, when inserting a drive, Explorer hangs again for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, the drive volume appears, Explorer responds and everything goes back to normal.

There are no events recorded in the EventLog 🙁

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Server stalled …. Symantec System Recovery?

I have a large number of servers out there running Symantec System Recovery (SSR). There are two ways we run it. One way, the backups go direct to local USB drives that are changed daily, the other is to run the backup to a Nas unit and then create off-site copies from the Nas unit.

The clients where we have the Nas units and Offsite backups, get occasional server stalls. The servers seem to still provide Email (SBS 2008/SBS 2011 with Exchange), file and print for a time, and then become unresponsive.

One solution is to reboot the server, the other is to unplug the USB offsite backup drive, and then resources free up and the system is ready to go again.

We have not yet had confirmation however, we believe we know what is occurring. In my example, we have 5 weeks of backups going to the Nas/San. There is a base backup performed on the weekend and then 6 days of incrementals. The offsite backup is attached to the USB port on the front of the server.

The Offsite backup attempts to copy the entire backup store of the Nas unit accross to the USB drive. This includes 5 base backups and all the incrementals. It starts with the most recent files on the Nas and copies this, then the older files until it fills the drive.

Where this seems to fail is in 2 places. It takes longer than 24 hours to copy all the data across so you no longer have a daily offsite backup and the Symantec software is meant to make space available on the USB drive if it runs out, but it does not, it stalls. If the user then walks up to the drive and pulls it out, swapping it for the next day, the server becomes unresponsive.

In the Symantec System Recovery (SSR) console there is no place to schedule offsite backups and the USB drive management is not user configurable.

To solve the issues of my clients I have elected to back off the number of base images get copied to the Nas unit (shrinking the amount of data to be copied) and run a script over the USB drives to remove all but the last 7 days of data. This leaves space for the new data to be written to the drive and hopefully with the new data plus the data that is left on the drive, there is not too much left on the Nas to be recopied and it is done in time.

It is working for now so I thought I would share this solution.

We have this issue with SSR 8.5 through to SSR 2012


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USB not safely unplugged and now ….. “Please Insert a Disk into Drive”

Ever unsafely ejected a USB drive and then when you reinsert it … It has Zero bytes on it and no data?
Ever clicked on your USB drive letter and it comes up …..  Please insert a disk into drive X:?

Previously I told clients that there is nothing you can likely do.

The drive is toast.
There are some specialist companies out there that can do data recovery however, they are expensive. It depends on how valuable your data is.

As you know, technology is always being updated and new things are coming our way so I thought .. now that I have a dead drive in front of me from a client .. I might Google for a moment and see if there is now a solution to this issue.

Bingo. There is.

I can’t Guarantee this will work in all situations however, these things have worked for me.

If it is a very simple problem with the drive, in Computer management, change the USB drive letter, to something else. I have no idea why, but it works. Maybe Windows changes the Boot device ID and does some magic in memory.

Failing this, run the following tool.

 Tell the tool what size drive you have.

 When it is done, it asks … do you want to erase and format the drive or do you want to Keep the data,

I selected keep. Up came the Autorun from Microsoft saying I had inserted a new drive and there was all the missing data. All 8 Gb of it.

The tool simply recreated the boot and partition code and it fixed the drive.

I love the way new software and technology in general, keeps surprising me.

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