What purpose does Mickyj.com serve ?

Mickyj.com chronicles my travels with Photography and a Microsoft Product called Small Business Server (And other tools and products I use). Small Business server seems like one product however to be able to administer it, you need to look after the attached clients. This is both the physical computers and devices attached, and people, their home computers and devices.

This means skills with Microsoft Office, desktop operating systems (Windows XP and Vista), Malware removal, general security. mobile phones and anything else you can think of. This website contains my blog, which has hints and tricks from my daily life in IT, software reviews, product pages and Anti Malware tools.

It looks at everything from Media Centre PC’s, Microsoft based smart phones, latest technology to community links and where to get more help.

Specifically dealing with Small Business Server, I have pages with reference to Microsoft Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint Team Services (WSS), PowerShell, Microsoft ISA server, Microsoft CRM, Using Active Directory, Wsus and much more. I have links to other SBS’rs podcasts and blogs. I allow community questions and can provide you with feedback and help.

Please feel free to drop me a note and tell me what you like or hate about this website. I am building this for you, my readers.