DON’T DO IT! Don’t update nVidia graphics drivers. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have full functionality with the basic driver that Vista first supplied (what am I saying?). It just doesn’t, because the alternative is games that don’t run well at all, jittery scrolling on websites, and any attempt to ‘roll back’ to the previous driver leaves the user with web pages that flash like all hell when a mouse is run across them. Whether the updates come from Windows Vista Update or from the nVidia website, the results are the same. 

Failure to comply with the above will see a user executing Vista System restore at best, or completely removing the updated drivers from the system and starting over.

This is what happened. Having updated the drivers, I decided to fire up the BF109G (Combat Flight Simulator 3) and kick a few asses. It started, but sounded like it needed maintenance real bad. I gradually increased the throttle, but it still ‘misfired’ and kicked.. Releasing the brakes saw me run down the strip like a new driver trying to co-ordinate the clutch and gas pedal in a ‘standard’ car (manual gearbox). If this was the real thing, I would have slammed on the brakes way before ‘V1’.

OK, so I park up the airplane, and revert back to regular Windows. Logging into my home page sees the the window react just like the BF109G. Too funny? Not hardly!

nVidia, Vista RTM has been available since November 18, and you say that drivers will not be available until late February. Is this the result of an extended Christmas break? Are you guys trying to increase ATI’s business, or do you just not care?