When I promised to report on the aftermath of installing a D-Link DWL G520 (series B) wireless PCI card into a Vista machine, I fully expected to write in similar style as I did to D-Link support, having had nothing but trouble when installed into an XP machine.

My friendly approach with D-Link in the initial stages turned to dismay and outright anger as, regardless of anything tried, I could not get the card to work for more than an hour or so. Even a completely fresh XP installation yielded the same BSOD. I was not alone either, having found forums where others reported the same problem.

So what of the card’s performance in Vista? Other than the fact that it saw the card initially as a 54mb variant, updated to a 108mb variant, yet still reports it as having a speed of 54mb, the card has worked flawlessly. No BSOD, not even the slightest hint of failing.

Do I thank Vista or D-Link for this? I have no idea, but I will thank the gods that it has worked really very well.

My next ‘mission’ is to install the DWL G132 USB wireless adapter, and see if Vista boots more than once with it plugged in. Three XP machines, all different hardware bases, would not play ball with it.

I’ll be back.. [H]