.. or in this case, NOT 2b.. [:S] 

The D-Link DWL G132 USB wireless LAN adapter has no native Vista support, no driver on the supplied CD that works, and no hint of a Vista driver on the D-Link home page.

This is sad really, because the device is available almost anywhere, and will have been bought by owners of older laptops which didn’t have built-in wireless support, or desktop owners not brave enough to open up the case and fit a PCI card type.

The worst of it is that Vista recognizes it to be a USB WLAN device, but just can’t work with it.

In the meantime, I continue to work with the DWL G520 WLAN PCI device, even though the computer is situated less than a foot away from the router. The setup has passed the experimental stage, and I am now in to soak testing it.

I am also soak testing Twinnings Green Tea. The bags are individually wrapped (remove before use) and have the up market feature of a ‘recovery’ cord and cute green label thoughtfully designed for even the larger hand. The strength rating is ‘2 leaves’ of a possible 5, so is pleasant for afternoon refreshment.

If you require something more punchy, as in the first cup of the day, feel free to leave the tea bag in until such time as you tilt the cup to get the last drop and get slapped by the tea bag.

It is also a good idea to wrap the recovery cord around the cup handle. This action prevents the now luke warm or tepid tea bag breaking free completely and landing on whatever clothing you are wearing.