The Operating System War – A Conflict Without End..

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Which OS do you use? Do you use it out of choice or because it came pre-installed? If it wasn’t pre-installed, would you have the general know how and technical ability to install your own OS? Some of you would make it work but, for many, the ‘out of the box’ experience would end in […]

AVG releases Version 8

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Grisoft have released a new version of their Anti-Virus product. It has a new look icon and new look interface. Download the new version from.. Uninstall version 7.5 or whatever anti-virus solution you are presently using, and then install the new one. As usual, you can get it for free, or pay for a […]

Updates, Updates, Updates..

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The Vista language packs are back.. .. for those of you who like to switch to some obscure language and then see if you can find your way back to an operating system that you understand. There are thirty four packs on offer, essentially thirty two different languages as Chinese and Portuguese are offered in […]

Moving Can Be So Traumatic..

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I have recently moved from Eastern Ontario across to the South West of the province. The move itself was not too bad, and within a couple of days, I had set up my computers, cables etc, and connection to Rogers Internet. This part was not all plain sailing. In order to protect my main computer, I […]

"Upgrades Not A Problem".. Sure About That?

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I have a computer powered by a slot 939 AMD 64 3500+. Three years ago, it wasn’t too bad and, in truth, it still does a reasonable job. However, I want a little more than it can reasonably give, so I looked around for a replacement. An AMD 64 X2 4800+ would be nice, but […]

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