We’ll start with some observation. Affixed to the base of your new laptop is a COA sticker. The key code on the sticker will allow activation of

Microsoft Windows Vista <Edition>

No rocket science so far, eh. Make special note of the first letter of each of the first three words above. Just to ensure that we are on the same page before moving forwards, the letters are


OK. So you have been using one of the applications contained in the trial of

Microsoft Office <Edition> 2007 

Note the bold letters, because there will be a test very soon


At the end of the 60 day trial period (you get warning before the end, so you will know it is coming), you will be asked for a key code in order to keep Microsoft Office working. The test starts here, by the way.

Where will you find the Microsoft Office key code?

Unless you purchase MS Office as a separate product, you will not have the installation DVD or packaging to which will be affixed the MS Office COA sticker, so don’t waste your time looking for something you know you never purchased.

The sticker affixed to the base of your laptop will not help either. Do you know why that is?

At the beginning of this piece, I gave you the long names of two Microsoft products and, to make it easier, the first letters of each word making up the titles of the two products. Bearing in mind that each product type has its own key code, we will compare the two sets of letters. This will give you a clue as to why the key code on the base of your laptop will not enable the activation of Microsoft Office – The Trial.



(clue – The only similarity is the first letter)

<End Test>