• In the beginning, nobody really cared
  • Then we heard that wireless Internet and networks could be intercepted
  • So we all set up WEP encryption
  • Last year, WEP Wi-Fi encryption was cracked in under a minute
  • So we all moved to WPA encryption
  • This year, WPA Wi-Fi encryption has been cracked. It takes between 12 and 15 minutes.
  • Time to move to WPA2, guys and gals..

This is from PC World (the magazine)

The work of Tews and Beck does not involve a dictionary attack, however.

To pull off their trick, the researchers first discovered a way to trick a WPA router into sending them large amounts of data. This makes cracking the key easier, but this technique is also combined with a “mathematical breakthrough,” that lets them crack WPA much more quickly than any previous attempt, Ruiu said.

Tews is planning to publish the cryptographic work in an academic journal in the coming months, Ruiu said. Some of the code used in the attack was quietly added to Beck’s Aircrack-ng Wi-Fi encryption hacking tool two weeks ago, he added.