Hardware Installation Review – Asus M3N78VM..

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I recently installed one of the above motherboards into a client machine to a replace a first generation P4 Intel D845WM, and there are some points that I would like to make. The Asus board is a Micro ATX type c/w integrated video, sound, network port; all the usual stuff. It is at the budget […]

Internet Security..

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We all need it, but how many really want it? The good ole days of Windows 98, iIf a computer user wanted to transfer a file via MSN, Yahoo, AOL Buddy or ICQ to another user and it wouldn’t transfer, what was the the first thing that both users would do? If your answer was […]

64 bit issues.. Printer sharing

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I am assuming that you know how to and have made the necessary share permissions on the computer which is hosting the printer. To share a network printer being hosted by a computer running a 32 bit operating system with another computer running a 32 bit operating system, Vista or XP, you would go to […]

How much RAM?

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Windows 2000 machines aimed at business would sit on the shelves with 128mb fitted. When the corporate buyers came along, more memory would be specified, maybe 256mb. Windows 2000 would rattle along quite nicely with 256mb powering it, but if it was fitted with 512mb, it would fair fly. But bear in mind that almost […]

And some say that Windows 7 is really Vista SP3 and that Vista is useless!!

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I have a spare box kicking around at the moment, not too well specified but OK. So I thought that I would install Ubuntu 8.10 on it. That goes well as long as one choose the option to use the entire disk, and in fact it did. Then I get a popup telling me that […]

Fun with numbers..

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A recent report has come up with an interesting fact. Eighty four percent of IT Pro’s will not be upgrading to Windows 7 this year. This should not be a surprise, bearing in mind that Windows 7 has not even reached the RTM stage yet. I have no doubt that one or two of those […]

Oh, the fragility..

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I don’t know very much about the world of espionage, be it ‘Bond, James Bond’ style or plain old boring commercial skullduggery. I do know that all sides went to extraordinary lengths re technology in order to gain an edge. In the days of paper and filing cabinets, if a spy wanted to get copies, […]

Vista and keyboard scroll wheels.. part 2

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How to disable the keyboard scroll wheel after having gotten it to work by installing the Win 7 driver until the next reboot. BTW, this is the ultimate detrimental side effect. Depress the SLEEP key.. Now, when one wakes the computer by swishing the mouse around, the keyboard scroll wheel does absolutely nothing except take […]

A Cloud burst?

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Yesterday, many users of the Hotmail e-mail service thought that they had lost their mail accounts for good. There is no direct link to Hotmail, so some took to the newsgroups. Let’s face facts here and accept that it had to be the fault of Vista, IE8, and Windows Live Mail. Everybody knows that Vista […]

Vista and keyboard scroll wheels..

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I wrote about this when Vista first appeared. It took a while for the manufacturer to produce proper drivers for Microsoft keyboards, and when it was finally released, everything worked except for the scroll wheel. Subsequent driver releases were made, but the scroll wheel never worked. Up until now, I had given up on it […]

Conficker alert – here we go again..

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Apparently, Conficker is out in the wild and doing it’s stuff according to those ‘in the know’. Just for the record, other worms are doing exactly the same. So don’t panic. Ensure that your system is up to date. Run your anti-malware programs, use common sense, and we will all meet unscathed on the other […]

Have you been ‘confickered’?

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You may not necessarily realize that you have, but there are people out there who monitor the progress of worms, Trojans and viruses. The good news is that on this day, April 1st 2009, the Conficker worm does not appear to have propagated as the rumors would have had us believe. So should would be […]

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