Twitter definition: intransitive verb chatter: to chatter or giggle in an overexcited or nervous way.

In the UK one might use the word ‘twitter’ in the following context: You are on the phone to your mother and she asks how your child is.. “Oh, she is twittering away to herself and seems to be having fun”.

So, have you tried Twitter? I did. Hmmmmmmm… In 140 characters or less, I am asked to type in what I am doing now, and I did that. Next day, I opened Twitter and there was all kinds of meaningless crap there, and I had people following me. So what I am doing today? I am wondering why I took the trouble to join Twitter is what I am doing. Needless to say, I have delete my account.

I have a Facebook account and, a while ago, I had an e-mail from Facebook asking me why I hadn’t called in recently. Should I write back and tell them that it is because I am sick of seeing messages from people I thought I knew who have inexplicably joined the ‘Campaign to save the severely endangered Icelandic Crested Elephant’ or want me to join a mind numbing, senseless fishing game? Yes, sure you can block this kind of stuff, but if you do it, there is no longer any point in having Facebook. Hey, that’s it. Facebook and Twiiter have no useful purpose. For sure you can maybe find lost friends sometimes, but the price in terms of crap intake is high.

Even MSN and Yahoo Messenger profiles are being converted to social networking areas. Is there no escape? Best part is that nobody asked me if they could do this. All of a sudden I get a message to say that a friend has left a comment on my profile. If I want a comment on any part of my person, I will ask. Please do NOT leave unsolicited comments, or I will block you, ok?

Personally, I think that the drive to socially network has gone far enough. Like chat rooms, most of the content is meaningless drivel that you wouldn’t want your boss or your Grandmother to see. So join with me and we can start the ‘Campaign to exterminate Social Networking Insanity’. BTW, squeamish people should not apply. It could be a messy campaign.. :-)