The Euro version of Windows 7. There is no upgrade path because there is no equivalent version of Vista, but Europeans will get it at an upgrade price which is good for them.

So, you install an operating system cleanly onto a hard drive. Now what? No browser, no e-mail client, the two things that most users want above all else are not there. If you clean install an operating system which has no access to the Internet, how can you get a browser, e-mail client or updates? . Well, you could download Firefox and Thunderbird, before installing Windows 7, then save them to a CD for installation after Win 7 is up and running, but I have a better plan..

Being as it is not the fault of the poor, downtrodden Euro-user that there is no built-in browser and e-mail client, the national governments and EU Commission should be responsible for the creation of a CD containing the Opera browser, and then send it out to all Euro-users at least three times per week free of charge, a la AOL style. If this process is started now, all potential Windows 7 E users should have at least thirty CD’s kicking around by the time that they have a Windows 7 E installed on their computers.

It is time to write to your local MPs, methinks..