How quickly it turned into the ‘Whoa’ factor?

I have been working the Microsoft Answers forum for a while now, and there is one forum group, Hardware and Drivers, which demonstrates the above very quickly. The basic claim is that Windows 7 will run on a less powerful machine than Vista ever could.

OK, I have a less powerful machine, but will Windows 7 run on it? I am not even going to try. You see, I know that there are components which are eminently not compatible with Windows 7 and the reason I know this is because manufacturers don’t like supporting older hardware.

The machine in question is a desktop model. One of the MAJOR benefits is that I can replace hardware devices for something that will work, but what if I had a laptop? I hate to think how many owners of older laptops have wasted cash on buying Windows 7 only to find out too late that Windows 7 compatible hardware drivers need to be made available by the respective hardware manufacturers.

OLDER HARDWARE? The adverts didn’t say anything about Windows 7 not running on older hardware. In fact, Microsoft went to some lengths to say that Windows 7 was more compatible with older hardware than Vista was. The problem is that your average computer user does not distinguish between ‘less powerful’ and ‘older’ because older is less powerful, so it should work, yes?


There is no easy answer, and I have mixed feelings about the current advertising. Was Windows 7 really MY IDEA? I don’t think so, especially the new menu and task bar. It is about time that advertising rules were re-worked. If a product is worth anything, it will sell on its feature set and merits, not vague claims to greatness which are difficult to substantiate.

However, little Kylie is ok.. See YouTube – Windows 7 adverts because every time I try to paste a link, the video embeds and the blog is hardly able to open.. grrrrrrrrrr