I doubt very much that they do.. 

Bad stuff March 8 2010

This is the contents of an email sent out to an AOL user.

AOL customers are probably some of the most vulnerable users on the planet. They trust AOL to hand hold them through their computing experience, to be safe. Whoever is responsible for this email has no conscience.

Put PC Speed Scan Pro on your computer at your own risk. Once installed, the performance increase promised will never materialize. When you run the free scan, it will list a lot of things wrong, but most if not all will probably be bogus. The only part that will work well is the reminder to buy the full version.

If you want to review the utility, you will find no shortage of web sites extolling its virtues, but If you are struggling to remove it, there are websites promising help. Here is one of them


Mind you, they are only helping in the hope that you will load one of their alternatives. This is a great line..

“Now that you have uninstalled PC SpeedScan Pro, try a computer optimization that actually works.”

You don’t want any of them either.

This next website gives a list of registry entries to remove, but makes the point that messing in registry can be harmful to the health of a computer.


To save problems, they have thoughtfully provided a link to a utility which will remove PC Speed Scan Pro, but I don’t doubt that it will show what it can do and then ask for payment before anything is removed..

Quite the industry, isn’t it. Avoid it at all costs..

Foot note: The links shown on the ad will not work because what you are seeing is an image of the original email. The two links in the text are live, but are safe enough as long as you don’t get tempted by any of the ads on them.