XP Mode..

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Installing it.. When downloading the three files, ensure that you can identify them in the order that they are installed. I made separate folders because I knew that I was downloading way before I would get around to installing them. OK. Yesterday, I decided to install XP Mode. The three modules did not take too […]

Another one bites the dust?

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From what is seen in the MS Answers forum, one might be forgiven for thinking that Windows 7 breaks motherboards. Vista showed similar properties too,  but can an operating system really break a motherboard? Much depends upon interpretation  of the word ‘break’. Timeline: Windows 7 is installed..  (Hmmmmm) Two weeks later, the motherboard gives out.. […]

Cameras and cards

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I was given a Sony DSC-P31 still camera a few years ago. It was and still is not one of the all time greats, but it is small, it works, and it produces decent pictures.. Initially, I was running XP and the software supplied with the camera ran without problems. It was an awful program […]

Windows Live Wave 4 beta

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Specifically Windows Live mail.. It has sort options for use with newsgroups that do not work the same way as they used to work. For somebody like me who is trying to help multiple people with problems, I used to have ‘conversations’ set (it used to be a separate setting), sort by newest date, and […]

A Pot Pourri

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When is an iPhone not a phone? When you hold it in your left hand and block the incoming signal. The signal meter may show five bars, but the lack of conversation tells another story. Apple, apparently, will send out a fix to the iPhones which will enable the signal meter to sync with the […]


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Q.. Why does a computer manufacturer ask you to make a backup of the system when you start your computer for the first time? A. Because hard drives are not as reliable as they could be, and even new ones can break. The manufacturer recovery partition is only good if the hard drive is still […]

It seems like only yesterday..

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I haven’t used a 3.5” floppy diskette for quite some while, and the last time was to update the BIOS on an aging machine for which there was no Windows flash utility. I can’t remember the last time I saved a Word document or photo to one, and yet I flatly refused to remove all […]

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