Recently, I was asked to set up a ‘new’ computer, transfer files and connect it wirelessly to a home network. The computer, an aging HP business desktop, was supplied by a third party, had XP installed, and also a D-Link WDA 2320 PCI wireless card. According to the supplier, all was well and the WDA had tested out ok.

It may have been ok when connecting to the third party’s wireless router, but it surely didn’t like the Cisco WRT106n to which I was attempting to connect.  Regardless of what I tried, it would not pick up and retain the incumbent wireless signal.

I tried a D-Link G132 USB adapter. No problems. I tried a D-Link G520 rev B. No problems.

The customer bought a new Cisco wireless card, we got it fitted. No problems.

This leaves me with questions. I was assured that the D-link WDA 2320 was working and had connected to a router. If that really was true, then the only assumption that can be made is that the DWA 2320 does not like some routers.

Has anybody out there had a problem with the WDA 2320 not finding a wireless signal? Did a change of router cure the problem?