Problem:: one Western Digital 160Gb SATA drive, used as the primary, and developing faults.

I ran error checking and it cleared them. Then I ran Easeus Partition Copy, which told me that the drive still had problems and could not be copied. Three times I tried, and three times I got back the same message.

So I had to start over, clean install, reset all settings. No, I don’t use images of the entire OS + applications etc because I never have luck with them. Also, it gives me a chance to get shot of stuff that I really never use.

The re-install of Windows 7 and MS Office went well, but I had some niggly issues after that, way more than I remember having first time around. The worst of it is that after a format, the 160Gb drive seems to be OK. Maybe it just didn’t like being a boot drive..

I was so tired at the end of it all. Where one time I would have been ecstatic, this time I just sat back and fell asleep. I am getting too old for this stuff, and am seriously considering making an image of all of this stuff. but ten DVDs? Much can go wrong across ten DVDs, especially  with  my luck. Enthusiasm is on the wane too. I will do it tomorrow