Auction sites and Windows 7

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I have just spent an hour looking through adverts in eBay for Windows 7. Don’t worry, I am not going to buy anything. It took me months to make a decision to buy something from eBay that couldn’t be faked easily. Software is too easy to fake, just like labels and designs in the fashion […]

The tree jumped out at me..

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I installed Windows 7 last week and now my motherboard is fried and I don’t know what to do because I have OEM Windows 7 and I don’t know if I can activate it on the new motherboard which is tons faster than the old one that I couldn’t get an exact replacement for Also […]

D-Link SharePort update.. finally a winner

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If you bought a D-Link router because of its SharePort capability, until recently you would have been really disappointed. Not a moment too soon, D-Link released a version of their SharePort software which actually works with printers. SharePort is not a true network device. What it actually does is fool the computers into believing that […]

‘Restore points and 64-bit’ update..

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I still have had no problems with restore points since I ensured that they were on the C drive and that there is enough space for them. This is despite rumours that Diskeeper 2010 may be causing restore points to disappear. I run Diskeeper 2010 and occasionally Auslogics defrag too, and neither seems to be […]

Back for 2011..

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Once again awarded ‘Microsoft MVP’. I must be doing something right. Thanks to my Microsoft Lead who continues to support me, to all who read this blog, and to those who post in the Microsoft Newsgroups and forums. Without all of you, MVP status would not be possible. If only I could be as successful […]

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