I installed Windows 7 last week and now my motherboard is fried and I don’t know what to do because I have OEM Windows 7 and I don’t know if I can activate it on the new motherboard which is tons faster than the old one that I couldn’t get an exact replacement for Also the hard drive is fried and I can only get a 1tb hard drive Will I be able to activate Windows or will I Have to buy a new Windows Plz help because I have to print off my homework tonight..

Oh no..

I got a virus after I downloaded some Windows updates and my friend said I should format it and he put his disk in When I booted my labtop today it says that is is not genuine and my friend has gone to Mars and he may not be coming back What can I do

Oh no..

These are jokes, aren’t they?

Did you hear the one about how multiple computer users downloaded Windows 7, paid over $100 for it and then promptly lost the installation file and email containing the key code within minutes of installing it?

Naughty tree..  Smile