What a magical piece of kit this is. A cheap CPU heatsink and fan assembly where the fans are painfully easy to remove for cleaning.

CM 212 Plus

There are three versions of the Hyper 212 and mine is the type with the clip-on fan assembly. Two small moulded clips on either side hold the fan to the heatsink and there are small pieces of rubber between the fan and the heatsink to stop vibration. To remove the fan assembly, simply prise up two clips on the same side and it literally falls away.

I can clean everything easily, get at the main memory banks easily, and the fan is not held on with craft wire.

It comes with fittings for a second fan, and I have added the CoolerMaster Excalibur fan to the other side.

Mounting it, I did have to lift the motherboard as the cut-out in the baseplate is not well placed for the universal mounting plate, but once that part was done, screwing down the heatsink was easy as it is not too wide and a long screwdriver easily gets to the heatsink fixing screws.

I can’t believe that I struggled with the SilenX HA4 for so long. It was a nightmare to fit and a nightmare to clean. On this note, I looked at the SilenX HA5, and guess what? It has exactly the same issues as the HA4.

Performance of the Hyper 212 Plus is very good. It is nailing the temperature down to 32/33°C, is very quiet, and it only cost me $26 as it is being sold discounted at TigerDirect. 

I will sleep better tonight knowing that there is no craft wire holding my PC together… Smile