Windows 8 Compatibility – The Weather Network

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This weather service has worked well through three operating systems, and has been my preferred weather service here in Canada. When running Windows Vista and 7, I had it piped through into a gadget called WeatherCentre and the service worked well Windows 8 doesn’t do gadgets, so I installed the original notification icon and it […]

Windows 8 Media Center..

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If you want to install Windows Media Center for free into Windows 8 Pro, you have until January 31st, 2013 to get it.. Fill in your email address, type in the code and then wait. The key will be sent to you, but not immediately and maybe not for 48 hours even.. but you will […]

Windows 8 forums..

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The MS Community forum is busy..  As usual after the release of a new operating system, there are all types of failures. Why does this happen? Incompatibility, Incompatibility, Incompatibility,. What constitutes a perfectly running Windows 7 installation does not necessarily constitute a perfectly running Windows 8 installation. Utilities are generally specific to an OS, whether […]

Windows 8 – Living with it..

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This operating system has been designed for multiple machine types, and you will most likely use Windows 8 because it is part of the deal when you buy a new computer. After the initial setup and personalisation, this is what you will see.. This is a screenshot of mine, and I have added one or […]

Windows 8 drivers.. Graphics

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If you had no Windows 7 support, you will get no Windows 8 support. ATI have Windows 8 drivers up and ready for the HD 7000, 600o and 5000. Conspicuous by their absence are the HD 4000, 3000 and 2000. Windows 8 has basic support for these, so don’t expect good gaming graphics even with […]

Key points at the Windows 8 launch..

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Key points are like movie trailers. You get 10 minutes of good action and find that the full version includes 80 minutes of a mind state called ‘frustration’ Can we have the first slide, please? "We shunned the incremental. We boldly reimagined Windows." (Sinofsky) Somebody at Microsoft boldly reimagined XP. We got Vista. "We see […]

Windows 8 – Upgrading..

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The move to Windows 8 is only the third time that I have ever thought about upgrading rather than clean installing. I was put off ‘upgrading’ years ago after it went tragically wrong and I lost everything. The second time, I tried the Windows 8 upgrade on Windows 7, but it too went tragically wrong […]

Windows 8 drivers..

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In this case, Realtek HD Audio.. The symptoms.. Some media files played ok and some didn’t. YouTube files were worst hit, even ones that I had downloaded. Was IE10 the culprit? No, because playing YouTube stuff in Opera produced the same results. The solution.. Realtek have HD Audio drivers for Windows 7 and 8 combined. […]

Change is a pain in the ……….

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Forums > Newsgroups > forums Microsoft technical support used to be fed through the Compuserve forums. This is where the beginnings of the Microsoft MVP program were rooted. Microsoft then set up their own newsgroup servers to boos and hisses from some of the community. Eventually, the noise settled down as the contributors adapted to […]

A decent Start menu..

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.. makes all the difference.. This is Windows 8, complete with Quick Launch, Stardock’s Start8 and the Canada theme pack. It looks and behaves just like Windows 7, apart from the lack of gadgets. The toughest learning curve so far has been the Start8 menu. It took all of five minutes. The general appearance is […]

Four days to go..

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After sorting out a system image for Windows 7, I ran the Windows 8 upgrade this evening. The whole process took around an hour to complete, and I am pleased to report that almost everything is working. Hardware is all up and running and my old Canon Lide 30 scanner works after updating to the […]

Hot ‘939s’..

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A hot 939 is about as welcome as a hot 940. I am of course talking about AMD CPUs. The problem with the AMD 939 is that the stock cooler is not as efficient as it could be, and because 939s only saw a year of production, there are not too many around, and not […]

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