A PATA/SATA hard drive.. 

  1. .. is good value per Gb..
  2. .. is available in a lot of sizes..

I can tell that you were expecting more, and there is..

Mechanical hard drives start off life quite well. Treat then carefully, don’t let them overheat, don’t drop them and they can last a good few years. The cost over the years is negligible.

However, not all do treat them well, and the day comes when programs lose data or play up in some other way. Windows in general becomes sluggish, boot time to login takes longer.

Still the user ignores what is happening, putting it down to the computer getting old, and then one day the computer wants to CHKDSK, and as time goes on, it will not boot up until it CHKDSKs.

If you haven’t backed up by now, you will most likely lose everything. To the computer, it all happens in slow motion. To the user, shock horror, how could that be?

An SSD hard drive..

  1. .. is faster, because there are no moving parts
  2. .. is shock resistant, because there are no moving parts

There.. you have been sold, haven’t you. SDD drives can make your PC seem like an IBM Supercomputer.

They are not cheap, and you have to be careful how much is stored because they do not like being filled up, even as slave drives.

But this is the best part. When they fail, it is not a slow process where you get lots of clues to ignore. It more like a

!! BAM !!

but without the noise.. No warning.. no nothing.. Your free backup utility  which will only allow one daily backup may not be enough, and you certainly don’t want to back up to an SSD.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like drives which tell me when they are in trouble, and PATA/SATA dives always do as long as you are aware of the warning shots.

So, do you still want SSD?