In response to criticism of full screen apps and the difficulties of multi-tasking between screens, Microsoft is going to introduce the facility to tile Windows. Let’s see what tiled Windows look like..

Tiled Windows

Could I multi-task between these Windows?.

  1. Word would only show the first few words in maybe the first five lines. Not good.
  2. My blog is useless, but I could scroll some content into view. MS Answers would be just as ‘hidden’.
  3. OneNote 2010 only shows three top tabs out of the ten which exist, and a fraction of the side tabs..
  4. Outlook’s usefulness would be curtailed because I would have to knock out a feature or two and change the way I have read and replied to mail for years. I also use all of the different functions in Outlook and would have to scroll for them every time.. 

Answer? No, I could not work like this. In normal mode, each of my Windows occupies at least 75% of the screen and access is quick and easy via taskbar tabs. I can see a global view of pretty much everything, not a view through a letterbox. I am at the age where keyhole computing would be anything but fun.

I would need a 43” LCD TV/Monitor to be able to work with four tiled windows, and Chris Hadfield would be able to take photos of what I was doing from the ISS. Touch would be out of the question because I would have be too far away from the screen.

Microsoft, if this is what you have in mind, I can tell you now that it is not going to go down well.

NB. I would have included a screen shot of four tiled apps but couldn’t find anything useful to tile.. Smile

There is a video for you to watch. See how the guy demonstrates what I would call for the most part ‘playing’.