There’s a data miner about.. Where are they mining?

  1. Microsoft,
  2. Yahoo,
  3. Google,
  4. Facebook,
  5. AOL,
  6. Skype,
  7. YouTube,
  8. Apple,
  9. PalTalk, the video chat room community .
  10. Dropbox maybe.. was slated to be the next one added to the list.

That list covers most exits, wouldn’t you say. So where are these miners?

  1. China?
  2. North Korea
  3. Cuba?
  4. Russia?
  5. USA?

No doubt that 1 through 4 have tried and would love to get hold of so much stuff. Number 5 is the origin of the miners.

Why is the USA mining at such a level? Well, the NSA and FBI are not doing you a favour by backing data up in case you you forget to back up and lose it. They are just monitoring channels which are used for planning all kinds of bad things.

OK, so you do nothing bad? I know that I don’t, but suppose you see an article on TV about terrorist bombers. The news service tells you that the bombers learned how to make a bomb from instructions on the Internet, and follow up by telling you that it is easy enough to do. If you are like me, curiosity may get the better of you and you run a search to see for yourself how easy it is.

Whoa, STOP. It may not be such a good idea.

You and I know that we are never going to make a bomb, regardless of how easy it is to get instructions from whatever source, but an organisation or two which thrives on paranoia and considers people guilty until proven innocent may put an entirely different lean on the search.

Combine the above with taking a part in a chat in PalTalk of the Second Amendment giving rights to overthrow one’s own government if they start to erode liberties and you could well be marked as a dangerous subversive.

You may live in a country which claims the right to free speech BUT what you say and do may now land you in hot water, and in real time..

Let’s not kid ourselves that any of this is new. Only the way that the data is being harvested is new. The people in charge will tell you that there is nothing to worry about, that it is not intended to profile real ‘citizens’, but a side effect is that it will.

I have always and have had to believe that if I do nothing wrong, nobody will have a reason to come after me.

OK, time to sign off here and go check for a key logger.. Smile