Enter the Klear Keys XL..

Klear Keys XL

It is a full 104 key, high visibility keyboard, black letters on a green background. The green colour is easier on the eyes than similar keyboards fitted with yellow keys. There is no wrist rest, and the edge around the keys is at a minimum. When used with a small ‘mobile’ mouse, the combo should fit on small keyboard trays.

The characters are substantially larger than regular keyboards, and there is a claim to being spill-proof. I have not checked out this feature, but there are drain holes present.

It is also claimed that the keys glow in the dark, but I can’t confirm that this feature works too well. Then again, I didn’t buy the keyboard thinking that it would be working in very low light.

I didn’t buy it for me. There has been a desktop computer set up for my almost six year old grand-daughter for the last two years, and I have done what I can to make it usable for small hands and no knowledge of QWERTY keyboard layouts.

Running alongside this keyboard is a Microsoft Mobile 500 USB mouse, again ideal for small hands, and a Logitech Trackball which she still uses. Mine was bought for $9.98 from XS Cargo which is a really good price. I have seen them for as much as $26.

The keyboard is available from online stores like Amazon and also stores like XS Cargo.. http://www.shopxscargo.com/