It needed it too. Supplied originally with a 4gb RAM chip, it was struggling. I looked at all of the stuff at Start up and that ran in the background. Yep, I could have closed much of it down, but I am not a believer in doing that, and there were one or two utilities which were performing important tasks.

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC showed that the loading on RAM was running at 73%. That’s a lot, and Windows hates to be caged in resources which are not large enough, so I ordered a Crucial 4gb 12800 CL11 SO-DIMM which is a match for what is already installed.

Yesterday, I received it via the mail, fitted it, and restarted the laptop. WEI rose from 5.9 to 7.3, and memory loading dropped from 73 to 25%. Windows 7 appreciates the help, as does the laptop’s regular operator.

Opening up the back was a nice surprise. The cover is held down by six small screws, lifts off easily and reveals

G780 inside

Top left.. RAM slots (2)  -  Top Middle.. Hard drive  -  Top Right.. WLAN adapter

Middle Left.. CPU (replaceable)  –  Lower Left.. Cooling fan..

All parts are easily accessible and it is really good to see an easily accessible and replaceable system fan. So often, these fans are buried underneath and impossible to easily maintain.

Well, that the first and last lesson I will be giving on the Lenovo G780. I hope that you all enjoyed it..